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Need a second set of eyes on your research?

Second Set of Eyes allows you to take control of your research – with the  security that it is based on the expertise of leading professional researchers

Second Set of Eyes is

for those responsible for research

in government departments and agencies, organisations, companies, media organisations and research suppliers

RA gives you

Second Set of Eyes gives you peace of mind over the quality and compliance of your market and social research



Do you want your organisation to stay in control of your research, while using independent senior researchers to advise on quality and compliance?



Do you want to ensure that your research does not breach privacy or consumer laws or ethical regulations but are not sure how to?

Do you want to be confident that the reports and conclusions provided are based on correct interpretation of the data, and sound statistical testing?

Are you interested as to whether there are additional insights or data modelling that can be derived from your research?

RA Ensures that

Second Set of Eyes ensures that:

  • The research clearly answers the objectives of the project

  • The questionnaire wording is clear and impartial - and that the answer options are comprehensive including cognitive testing and pilot testing of the questionnaire

  • The sample design, size and source provides reliable statistical results

  • The analysis, reporting and conclusions are complete, reliable and correct

  • Required disclosures have been made

  • The research complies with

    • The Australian Privacy Act

    • The International Fair Data standard
    • The Australian Market and Social Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour

    • Guidelines on safe product trials, as well as recruitment and payments to participants

    • Discrimination, trade promotions, working with children and privacy legislation

    • Cultural sensitivities, Indigenous recognition and sexual orientation expectations

And help with resolution of disputes over research related issues​

Also offering: formal review of proposals, tender documents or tender submissions

  • Review of tender documents and requests for quotation to ensure clarity, consistency and completeness

  • Review of proposals, quotations and tender submissions - either before submission (for research suppliers) or assistance in submission evaluation (for clients)


Second Set of Eyes

Second Set of Eyes is based in Sydney, Australia - and acknowledges the Wangal and Gadigal people as the traditional owners of this land.

Second Set of Eyes offers services globally. 

Thanks for reaching out to us!

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