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Smart Personal Electronic Records Management
   that's why we call it 

What does Pogglepod do?

Pogglepod is designed to help manage your personal electronic records. It is a tool for categorising,  tracking and managing your personal records.  

Pogglepod will:


  • assist you to track the due dates future bills and statements;

  • remind  you pay bills and to service and register your motor vehicle;

  • track subscriptions; and,

  • manage your income and expenditure for budgeting and tax reporting.


Pogglepod has advanced search functions to enable you to:


  • re-find items in several ways;

  • sort your pdf documents into folders of your choosing ;

  • re-names files so they are easier to find; and

  • track almost any personal records.


Pogglepod can be also be used to selectively share certain records with other people, such as your family or a bookkeeper, and provides an excellent way to manage your digital estate in the case that you become infirm or pass away, allowing others to effortlessly understand the state of all your affairs.

​Replace your desk with a sofa

Pogglepod enables you to move your records management from a computer to a mobile device usable from your couch while also providing a robust and efficient tool which will reduce your paper record-keeping to almost nil. 

How does Pogglepod software work? 

Pogglepod is a secure online tool. It can be accessed from a computer or installed as an application on any mobile device. When you create your Pogglepod account, it will create a Dropbox folder for your documents, and provide you with a link to that folder.  


You can include records (such as bills, subscription notices, bank statements etc., broadly categorised as Poggles) in Pogglepod by forwarding emails to, or you can add Poggles manually within the online software.  Pogglepod is smart software, which remembers how you categorised similar items previously, so that it can learn to do more of more of the hard work for you.

However, you are always in control.  For instance, the first time you include a phone bill in Pogglepod, it will ask you to enter the billing dates, supplier, billing cycle, and whether that bill needs to be paid, or whether you have a direct debit facility. The next time you submit a bill from that same supplier, Pogglepod will use the information from the previous bill to fill in as much detail as possible, and then just ask you to confirm that it is correct.  The bill will be saved in a labelled folder, and the file renamed to more clearly describe it in terms that you understand.


Pogglepod will automatically retrieve records which are sent to it by email with the bill or other document to be retrieved via a hyperlink  (unless a password is required), saving time and effort. 

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What are Personal Records (Poggles)?

Personal electronic records are all the items that you may need to retain.  These include items that are emailed to you to, such as bills, statements and travel reservations.  It also includes other documents or notes you want to keep, such as recipes, maintaining a shopping list, vehicle records such as registration, insurance and servicing, anything at all.

Here are some examples:

Bills and statements

Bank statements, bills, council rates, credit card statements, electricity bill, Etag, garbage bill, household bills, internet subscription bill, natural gas bill, online subscriptions, phone bills, store cards, subscriptions, water and sewage rates.

Budgeting information

Summarise income and expenses by custom period and track sales tax such as VAT or GST.

Documents you need to keep

Baptism certificates, bicycle insurance, birth certificates, correspondence – non personal, car loan, deed, health insurance documents, house sale / renovations, insurance, investment documents, job seeking documents, kids documents, lease on house, liability insurance, manuals, motor vehicle documents including insurance, pet documents, property acquisition documents, recipes, renovations, rental documents, strata / managing agent documents, superannuation statement / documents, tv licence, visa documents, warranties, will, work documents / registration.

Income and tax documents

Pay slips / pay stubs, payment notices, pension documents, property tax, rental statements, shares related documents, tax documents, work invoices.


Interests, Correspondence - personal, Personal development, Recommendations, eg restaurants, movies, books, volunteering.

Personal records

Addresses, birthdays list, change of address notification list, credit card numbers, degrees / certificates / licences, driver licence, exercises, family history, health records, id documents, marriage certificate, memorabilia, motoring association membership, packing list, passport, passwords, resume, school & sports reports, sports club, sports registration number.


For warranties, expense tracking and budgeting

Travel and tickets

Coming soon to Pogglepod is a travel itinerary builder, that will keep track of details such as which terminals flights depart from, whether you have enough time between flight connections, and whether you have arranged accommodation on the correct dates.

Note that Pogglepod is currently not designed to manage personal photo or music collections.

How secure are Pogglepod records?

The Pogglepod smart personal electronic records management system is compiled in Knack and hosted on Amazon Web Services, and no data is stored locally by Pogglepod or the University of New England.

User documents are stored in DropboxClick here to learn about Dropbox’s security and privacy.

Email records forwarded to Pogglepod are transmitted using Integromat.   

Click here to learn about Integromat’s security and privacy.

PDF documents submitted to Pogglepod are converted to text using DocparserClick here to learn about DocParsers security  and here to learn about Docparser’s privacy.

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