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Ecolint Alumni

The International School of Geneva - Ecolint

Established in 1924, The International School of Geneva was the first International school in the world, formed as a foundation by the League of Nations, the International Labor Office (ILO) and local educators.

Ecolint continues to have representatives of both the local government and The United Nations of the Federal Council - the school board. A team of teachers at Ecolint created the International Baccalaureate in 1968. Today the school has 4,410 students from 139 countries across three campuses.

Ecolint Alumni

Alumni of Ecolint connect via a number of networks and reunion events. These include:

Worldwide reunions

Held in Geneva every five years - the next one celebrates the schools 100th anniversary, to be held in 2024.

Over 500 people registered for the 2019 worldwide reunion, and many more attended associated informal events.

All Ecolint Alumni should all sign up at the official Ecolint Alumni office website (and use a personal email address, not a work one).

Ecolint Circa 79

Those who graduated around 1979, known as Ecolint Circa 79 had a class dinner with over 85 attendees from 18 countries.

Thanks to Laura R.L for this and many other photos

Ecolint Circa 79 have and active Facebook group with nearly 400 members:

Ecolint Circa '79 also have a very active chat happening in a WhatsApp group, with daily posts.

Contact me using the form at the bottom of this page with your mobile / cell phone number to join the Ecolint Circa 79 WhatsApp group.

Additionally, there is a highly active Ecolint Alumni group within Facebook for all ages of Alumni, over 2,500 members:

Alumni events around the world

The Aluminati - ambassadors of the Ecolint Alumni around the world organise local reunions almost every year, typically in early December to coincide with Escalade, a festival from Geneva dating from 1602. The worldwide network of Alumni representatives are working to reconcile the contact lists they hold and those of the Alumni office, as well as to provide input for the next Ecolint worldwide reunion on 2024. Contact the Ecolint Alumni office or myself (using the form at the bottom of this page) for more information.

Ecolint Alumni Australia

The Australian Ecolint Alumni have been amongst the most active, since forming in around 1983. The most recent reunion was held at The Swiss Club in Melbourne in Dccember 2018, with 30 attendees.

Contact me for more information.

Local informal events for Australian Alumni are foreseen for December 2020, with a view to a Australian national event in December 2021.

There is also an email newsletter that you can sign up for at:

This newsletter is operated separately from Ecolint Alumni office and the network of Ecolint Alumni representatives.

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