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Mazzano Romano - A visual preview

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Mazzano is about 34 kms north of Rome. Built from Etruscan origins (pre-Roman), the current Borgo (old town) is medieval. At one stage around the 18th century, the complete village was converted into a prison for the Vatican.

Il Patio is a collection of three medieval one-room homes, part of which collapsed in an earthquake - probably about a century ago. The Commune plaque on the wall dates the house to around 1515.

The small archway is now a bedroom.

Below is the view from the valley side of Il Patio, overlooking national park, with various guided walks. Underneath the shrub and fields on the opposite hill is a large buried ancient Roman city. There are Roman ruins about 2 mins walk away.

Underneath Il Patio is the only commercial enterprise in the old part of the village, which is an International cooking school.

Up the road, Roberto ensures fresh bread daily.

The valley windows overlook a stream and waterfalls which you can hear in the background.

Below, the festival of St Nicholas includes a parade - shown below entering the archway which is the only way to access the old town.

For those brave enough to manoeuvre a car around a corner within the archway. there is a short ramp up into the Borgo of Mazzano.

Mazzano also holds a re-enactment of medieval games each year, which run for two days, followed by a huge dinner for the whole town.

Just outside the Borgo archway, Piazza Umberto 1 has a cafe/bar del Falco, and a grocery store. The council painted a round about on the ground, but people just park their cars anywhere.

The chapel of St Sebastian also dates from the 16th century and accommodates a congregation of around eight people.

The fruit shop sells a variety of wines for 1.50 Euros per litre, bring your own glass or plastic bottle to fill up from the wine tanks.

The tourist town of Calcata is about 4kms away, or a bit longer taking the scenic route through the national park.

Calcata is stunning, but it can be hard to park there.


Suite 1: Lounge kitchenette dining + small bedroom + small courtyard.

Suite 2: Lounge kitchenette dining, bedroom + open plan small mezzanine with 2 single beds + terrace. Valley views.

Both suites have central heating, bathrooms with heated towel rails& washing machines.

Rental rates


1 night

1 week

1 month

Suite 1




Suite 2




Suites 1 & 2




+ Cleaning to be advised.



It is recommended to use the carpark on the left side of Piazza Ungheria and to walk into the Borgo of Mazzano Romano. Small cars can be driven through the archway and parked in the Borgo at your own risk.

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