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Professionalism at Inner West Council tracked by e-notices

Updated: Oct 6

August 13, 2019

Receive Council rates electronically of 4 instalments totalling $2,555.06. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: First meeting of new Inner West Council shut down amid chaotic scenes

October 21, 2019

Receive Council instalment notice ($638) electronically via formsport service. Paid.

January 2020

Receive Council instalment notice ($638) electronically via formsport service. Paid.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: 'It's a volatile period': Inner West Council's turmoil over CEO's shock exit

December 12, 2020

Realise we have not received any bills from Council since January. Call Council. Received 'copy' of second instalment listing an overdue balance of $1,31.28 plus $674, totalling $1,986.28, but saying that we got an interest rates reprieve and a copy of the August 2019

annual bill, showing the September instalment to be $1,312.28 - and the following 3 instalments of $674, totalling $3,334.28 (annual increase of 30%).

December 17, 2020

Recreate e-notices account for home in Summer Hill and take screenshot.

Write grumpy letter to Council seeking explanation.

December 21, 2020

Receive letter from council thanking me for advising them of a change of address.

February 4, 2021

Receive paper Council instalment bill for $674. Paid. Check and screenshot e-notices status.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Inner West Council: Meeting chaos over asking mayor to resign

April 15: ‘Call the police’: Sydney councillor refuses to leave fiery meeting May 27: Inner West Council attempts to ‘rewrite history’ and erase British street names

July 21: Local government elections postponed

August 6, 2021

Receive paper Council bill, showing $674 credit, nothing to pay - next instalment of $771 due November 30, 2021.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Inner West Council mayor Darcy Byrne replaced ahead of December elections September 23: ‘Absolute timewasters’ at Inner West Council try their hand at international politics

September 28, 2021

Receive paper reminder of Overdue Rates, $100.17.

Re-check e-notices. Shows we are registered for e-notices, and have been since December 2020, but on the page where the bills should be, there are none.

September 29, 2021

Wife calls Council. They say that e-notices might not be working properly. They send us (twice) the same bill that we received in August, showing a credit, but verbally say that we owe them $100.17, because we only paid $674, when we should have paid $771. Actually, we didn't pay anything. Also, isn't $771 minus $674 equal to $97? so where does $100.17 come from? Shows 3 instalments of $771 all in the future, which don't add up to the annual total of $2,412.94.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Inner west Greens seize control of Inner West council with a bizarre 'call to arms'

September 20, 2021

Council sends a different version of the August bill (twice), with the helpful explanation of

'Dear Customer, Thank you for your enquiry. Please find attached a copy of the document you requested.' and with the words 'amended copy' watermarking the bill. But this time the bill shows that the August instalment was $99.94. The instalments on this version of the bill add up to the annual total. Not $97 or $100,17 as per the reminder notice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: A woke inner-city Sydney council has been told to fix its traffic problems first, after it decided to table a motion on nuclear submarines in NSW waters.

October 2, 2021

Pay Council bill for full year in advance.

October 5,2021

Dear Mr Balogh

You have indicated your displeasure with the councillors lack of response to your enquiry.

I had no trouble understanding your gripe which is an operational issue and cannot be solved by a councillor.

I note Clr Lockie has referred the issue to the GM which is the only course of action for an operational issue.

I try to respond to emails within a week but certainly am unlikely to respond over a weekend to a non urgent issue.

Your email does not indicate an address or even a council ward or to whom you were directing your enquiry.

If you have made a complaint to the IWC and you are unhappy with the response, the correct course of action then is to refer the complaint to the Internal Ombudsman.

I have served this community for 18 years and find the recently adopted form of councillor’s communication by sending an email to 15 councillors a challenge. Does one expect 15 responses? As an operational issue does one expect the councillors to send 15 requests to the GM.

Maybe a phone call to a councillor would work.

I hope you receive a satisfactory outcome.

Kind regards

Clr Lucille McKenna OAM

​Leichhardt Ward ‑ Gulgadya (Grass Tree) ​ ​

Dear Councillor McKenna,

Firstly, I would apologise to all of you if I were to be troubling councillors over an administrative ‘gripe’ – but this is not that.

Secondly, I promise that this is my last communication on this matter.

However, my point is, Clr McKenna, that it is not a about me, or a ‘gripe’ or an administrative matter. As you have suggested, and I have documented, I have written and called council variously over two years. Perhaps this illustration will help:

Clr McKenna, we the residents of the Inner West understand and appreciate the heavy burden that every problem in Council is ultimately also the problem of all councillors.


Matt Balogh

October 6, 2021

From Clr McKenna:

I am sorry Matt but you are describing something completely foreign to me. I am a ratepayer as you are. I get regular invoices and have never seen communications like this?

You still haven’t told me where your property is.

Is this some project of a former council- definitely not Ashfield which was my former council and as mayor I was on top of most issues.

The amalgamation process required the continuation of the former council’s processes fir rates so what you are getting will be different to others.

The change has just been made to a consistent process across the LGA.

Kind regards


Clr Lucille McKenna OAM

​Leichhardt Ward ‑ Gulgadya (Grass Tree)


​ ​

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