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Privacy on the Back of an envelope

Pogglepod 2019

Nearly every business or organisation in Australia is likley to have information regarding customers, research participants, students – or even staff. That information must be handled in a way that is compliant with a suite of privacy laws and principles & kept secure.. Continue reading


Qualitative Research: 3 Practical Tips on What to use When


This article is for people who want to use re-emerging qualitative research techniques like individual interviews, focus groups and online communities but who lack the experience to know what technique to use when. 

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Our contribution to Treasury's Retirement Income Review

susan bell research February 2020

Life in retirement can be tough. It is probable that the next cohort of retirees will have a tougher time because they are carrying much greater levels of debt into retirement than was previously the case.

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Mobile phones and the eff off Factor.JPG

Mobile phones and the eff-off factor

Research News November 2016

While using mobile phone samples is currently the most effective way to conduct national population-base surveys, there are increasing threats. Matt Balogh looks at how voice-based mobile phone surveys can be improved. Continue reading


The 10 Best Reasons for Conducting Qualitative Research


What would marketers and other decision-makers miss if they no longer had access to qualitative research?  Here are the ten best reasons according to Susan Bell. 

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The Creepy side of privacy - and then it

The creepy side of privacy - and then it gets worse...

Research News April 2015

From George Orwell's 1984, to the British thriller TV series The Last Enemy, science fiction has shown us the dystopian view of being tracked every moment of the day. Yet now the reality has snuck up on us,  the response is 'So what'? Continue reading


How people really make decisions - a thought piece


I have been observing how people make decisions. One observation that fascinated me was how intertwined emotion and cognition are. I am really interested in  how different stages of the decision elicit different emotions.


Here are some examples. Continue reading

The changing face of research.JPG

The truth is in there

AMSRS Conference 2007

Market and social research needs to consider change because of what we now know about the brain. Unlike Molder and Scully, who are still searching for the ‘truth that is out there’ Susan Bell and Suzanne Burdon look for the truth that is in there, in the recesses of the brain. Continue reading

Speed kills.JPG

Speed kills

Research News February - April 2019

It's important to consider 'relevant alienation factors' when deciding how much time a survey should be in field.  The more the subject of the research impacts on how easily respondents can participate, the more time needs to be made available to respond, argues Matt Balogh. 

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Applause for our financial services clients

The financial services that many organisations provide to their customers are complex. These services can be difficult to understand and even harder to explain Continue reading.

Big data boggles.JPG

Research News November 2015

Bulging Big Data Boggles Brains

Big Data got it's name from it's size, but now the term 'Big Data' can refer to longitudinal data or passive data collection - or data that can be modelled and manipulated. 

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Research cited in Banking Royal Commission

Recent  consumer research report into consumers’ experiences with the sale of direct life insurance REP 588 Consumers’ experiences with the sale of direct life insurance was submitted (by ASIC) to the Banking Royal Commission Continue reading

Matt Balogh.jpg

When Einstein said God doesn't play dice with the universe he was wrong

Research News October 2006 and AMSRS National Conference 2006

Matt Balogh wins the Best AMSRS  Paper award for his presentation comparing random atomic nuclear breakdown with market and social research to show how the aggregate of apparently random patterns create consistent and accurate statistics Continue reading


ASIC Report on Direct Life Insurance


Our ASIC published report on life insurance describes how consumers decide to buy direct life insurance and how they decide how and what to buy. These products are complex so consumer understanding of their features is often poor.

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remote communities.JPG

Social research in remote communities

Research News April 2017

In December 2015, Matt Balogh travelled to two remote communities to initiate a quantitative research program.  Matt describes the challenges, which ranged form getting Land Council approval to visit the communities, to over-heating tablet computers covered in sweat and sand. 


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Response rates.JPG

The truth about response rates and how to improve them

Reasearch News October 2004

There is a delicate balance between eoncouraging response rates and aggravating a repondent. Matt Balogh argues for and defines an ethical response rate calculation formula.

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Is your business communicating effectively with its customers?

Superannuation members are 'bamboozled by poor disclosure' says Productivity Commission deputy chair Karen Chester.  Be honest now. You may not ‘bamboozle’ but are you guilty of any of these communication transgressions? Continue reading

Homo Deus.JPG

The state of humanity

Research News 2017

In a State-of-the-industry issue of Research News, Matt Balogh discusses the implications for research of describing the universe as a series of algorithms in a book review of Yuval Noah Harari's Home Deus, A Brief History of Tomorrow.  Continue reading

matt in new office.JPG

Staff Performance:

measure with care

Managment Today  July 2005

Over-measuring staff performance can have negative outcomes if you are not careful. Continue reading


Cracking the kids code

Professional Marketing July 2002

What makes kids tick? The role of pester power and pocket money according to research.


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Forget focus groups for testing written communications. Here's what to do instead


It has never been so important for brands to write clearly and effectively to their customers, yet the techniques most research agencies use to test written communications have not kept up with the times. Continue reading

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