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Things to see and wet shoe walks around Culburra

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Some of the walks below are Wet shoe walks. These generally require canvas topped-rubber soled shoes so that you get both grip on rocks, but can walk through water with them.

The lake Path

The easiest stroll is the secret path to the lake, opposite No 54. Can you find it?

The Lake Wollumboola Walk West

This is a easy walk, taking you around the shores of Lake Wollumboola. Start from anywhere in front of the house, such as the secret path above, and walk west around the shores of the lake. You can get right around to the other side in an hour or so. As you pass the intersections of East and West Crescent, a little before the boat ramp, cutting inland about 20 metres will take you over a little bridge, near to which is a swinging rope over the creek.

The Lake Wollumboola Walk South

Or try walking around the lake the other way, across Warrain beach, and along the southern coast of the lake. This walk features dozens of ankle team pristine beaches – a wonderful summertime stroll.

Culburra Beach

You can walk from Culburra Beach to Warrain Beach and vide-versa. The walk takes nearly an hour, and about a third of it is over tricky rocks, so good sand shoes are essential, as this is a wet shoe walk and you are advised to carry anything in a backpack.

Crookhaven heads

Is just five minutes away, and has a lighthouse which is only reached by means of a short bush walk. After parking the car, there are spectacular rocks just 5 minutes walk to the ends, and then a choice of three walks round the peninsula, taking between half an hour and an hour. The short walk is easy, however the water-front walk is a more challenging wet shoe walk.

Comerong Island

The walk to beach at Comerong Island is listed under beaches and places to visit. It is a ten minute wet shoe walk, leading to a splendid long beach which rarely has a single soul on it.

Warrain beach

Stretches to Currarong beach, and eventually on to Currarong township, an 11 kilometre walk, taking around two and a half hours.

Wreck walk

Is one of two walks from Currarong towards Jervis Bay, and takes about one hour, passing the wreck of the SS Merimbula. A straight walk to and from the SS Merimbula at Whale Point only takes about half an hour, and ends in a terrific little level 1 wet shoe walk.

Coonies walk

Goes all the way to JervisBay from Currarong, and takes around three hours.

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